Preference and Imagine List!!!

Preference 1:He surprises you after a stressful day (Zayn) (Niall) (Louis) (Harry) (Liam

Preference 2: You two meet for the first time (Liam) (Louis) (Niall) (Zayn) (Harry)

Preference 3: You’re in a fake relationship, but love him (Liam) (Harry) (Zayn) (Niall) (Louis

Preference 4: You’re a model and his celebrity crush (Liam) (Harry) (Zayn) (Niall) (Louis

Preference 5: You overhear him talking about your sex life (Liam) (Harry) (Zayn) (Niall) (Louis

Preference 6: You two, along with your kids go to the beach (Liam) (Harry) (Zayn) (Niall) (Louis

Preference 7: He forgets an important date (Liam) (Harry) (Zayn)  (Niall)

Preference 8: Just a Little Smut (Harry)

Preference 9: He embarrasses/insults you to/in front of the boys (Niall) (Harry) (Louis) (Zayn) (Liam

Preference 10: You’re too sunburnt and need his help (Liam) (Louis) (Harry) (Niall) (Zayn)

Preference 11: You get your period while you’re with him (Liam) (Harry) (Louis) (Niall) (Zayn)

Preference 12: You Two Fight (Liam) (Harry)

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